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90% of pet parents with an overweight pet don’t realize it

Your care is essential to ending the pet obesity epidemic. Hill’s is dedicated to raising awareness so pet parents realize the problem and come to see you.

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Make the weight conversation easier

Here are some ways to ease into the conversation and show pet parents how they can help their pet achieve a healthy weight.

Body Fat Index

Measure the pet’s Body Fat Index score to illustrate the difference between healthy and overweight.

Hill’s  Weight Protocol

Using cutting-edge science, Hill’s has developed foods that work with a pet’s metabolism to burn fat more efficiently.

Quick Reco

Reassure pet parents making a change is simple, and create a feeding plan with Quick Reco.

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Recommend weight loss nutrition that works

Make it easy for pet parents to follow your recommendation, plus get discounts for your clinic.

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Veterinary Consultation Service

Have a question about Hill’s nutrition for a patient? Contact our free Veterinary Consultation Service.

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Feed the love. Lose the weight.

Help pet parents understand how extra treats and people food can add up over time. Post these stories to your clinic’s social media channels to raise awareness about pet obesity.

Share these short films and help raise awareness

Proven weight loss nutrition

With over a decade of research, Hill’s has developed a special fiber blend that activates the body’s natural ability to burn excess fat.